Sunday, January 20, 2013

First attempt at fabric dye

I really meant to get pics of the tops I sewed before dyeing, but I forgot. I also didn't get as much done as I hoped, but it was time to just go for it!
The first picture set is snow dye. Unfortunately I forgot which end was which after I packed the snow, so it will be a big surprise to me as to how this ends up. One of the tops I thought I was sewing with a stretch cotton or rayon gauze, but it might also have a synthetic component as it doesn't seem to be absorbing the dye like the rayon tops. Hopefully it won't all wash out! I put some left over rayon spandex in the bottom of the tub to be dyed by the snow run off.
The top picture was an old white cotton thermal tee. I attempted a little strategic placement with black for the sleeves and middle, and magenta for the top and bottom which was also loosely pleated and wrapped with a loose rubber band. The bottom picture is a sleeveless cowl loosely folded then sprinkled with sea salt. The colors are lime green and magenta at top,navy blue on the bottom. Hopefully I will get to the discharge dyeing tomorrow. I have a green top ready to go, and a red top about half done.

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