Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dyeing Fabric - The Results!

It was an interesting experience and after I saw the results of the first batch, I just had to whip up another 2 tops to try some additional techniques before I had to pick up my mini workshop from the garage. Snow Melt - the gauze top was synthetic and didn't pick up the dye at all. It was the wrong snow - it should have been wetter to get a tighter pack - I ended up with far more white that I planned for - the spirals are kind of cool - this was just 4 colors
I had laid out fabric in the bottom of the tray, so this was dyed by the snow melt run off.
Next was smooshing fabric in trays and pouring dye over them in patterns. I have a lot to learn about what colors are created when the dye colors overlap...
The light blue shirt - dye was 28 hours old, and I diluted it about 25%.
This was full strength dye - processed for 24 hours in the garage - it was cold. My favorite so far!
I got started with fabric dye at - Angela Wolf's Beginners Guide to creating fabric A good guide for the basics to a quick start - especially if you are more interested in garments. Now I am enrolled in the Craftsy class The Art of Cloth Dyeing I've only watched a couple of classes and already learned so much - it is geared towards wovens and not knits - still going to try the techniques on knits anyways. I also finished another top, KwikSew 3740 This is a great basic with the perfect cowl collar.

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